Healthy Chinese food

First, let’s talk about the benefits of healthy Chinese food. The Chinese cook their dishes according to traditional recipes, using a large number of polyunsaturated oils, sauces and herbs typical of Chinese cuisine. In addition, all food is cooked very quickly, which means that in the oil on which the products are fried, harmful carcinogens do not have time to form under the influence of high temperatures.

Healthy Chinese food

In fact, Chinese food is recognized as one of the most wholesome in the world. They use a maximum of vegetables and very little meat. The Chinese are also actively using mushrooms in cooking, which are known to be rich in protein and various trace elements.

Chinese cuisine is low-calorie, so even people who monitor their weight or diet can eat it. The Chinese monitor what they eat, and believe that food should not only be tasty, but also healthy. Moreover, medicinal. The abundant use of various spices and herbs encompasses not only the uniqueness of the cuisine, but also its exceptional usefulness. The most popular spices are ginger, garlic, star anise, parsley, nutmeg and cinnamon. These spices are medicinal, and in combination with natural products significantly increase their benefits.

Best chinese dishes for your health

Kung Pao chicken (宫保鸡丁gōngbǎo jīdīng)

Traditionally, the dish is very spicy related to Sichuan cuisine. It contains ingredients such as chicken, peanuts or cashews, carrots, cucumbers or zucchini. If you are a fan of spicy, then you should try a dish prepared according to the original recipe.

Kung Pao chicken

Moo Goo Gai Pan

This is a very tasty and healthy dish of Chinese cuisine. The main ingredients are chicken vegetables and mushrooms. You can add various spices, peas, water chestnuts to your taste. This dish has less than 400 calories, it is simple and light.

Moo Goo Gai Pan

Tomato egg drop soup

The attractiveness and originality of this Chinese soup is in the egg flower, that is, in the picture. This pattern is formed by pouring eggs whipped with sesame oil into a boiling soup. Due to the thick consistency, the egg mass does not mix with the broth, it remains transparent, and the egg “flowers” ​​float on its surface. This is delicious.

Tomato Egg Drop Soup

Steamed Vegetable bun or Chinese Baozi (dumplings) (包子 bāozi)

These are large in size, steamed so-called dumplings, or pies from unleavened dough. Their filling can be either meat or vegetarian (various greens, carrots, mushrooms). But not fried, only boiled!


Buddha’s Delight

This is a traditional vegetarian Chinese vegetable dish. Originally it was a dish of Buddhist monks, but over the past hundred years it has gained wide popularity around the world. Buddha’s Delight is usually prepared with at least 10 different types of vegetables, although more complex options may contain 18 or even 35 ingredients.

Buddha’s Delight

Chop Suey

Chop Suey is a kind of meat stew. Ingredients: julienne meat (beef or pork), poultry or even shrimps fried in hot oil with celery, as well as young shoots of bamboo and beans, water chestnuts, onions, bell peppers and other Chinese vegetables, mushrooms, spices, soy sauce served with rice.

Chop Suey

Chinese soups

Chinese soups also vary from region to region. In general, Chinese soups are usually liquid and can be drunk. Often served two or more soups, but they never start a meal.

And of course Beef And Broccoli, Shrimp With Lobster Sauce, Brown Rice Instead Of White, Moo Shu Chicken, Moo Goo Gai Pan and other.

But you should know that when cooked properly, all traditional Chinese dishes are healthy food. And if you want to cook something from these dishes yourself, you will certainly understand this. There are traditional Chinese dishes, which can also be useful if they were not buying in doubtful eatery.

  • Chinese noodles

Very simple and tasty dish! Suitable for both a festive table and a simple lunch or dinner. In China, and generally in almost all of Asia, such noodles are most often cooked right on the street. Another name for this dish is “noodles – wok”, due to the fact that it is cooked in a deep pan called wok.

Chinese noodles

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

This is an Asian dish. Resting in China or other Asian countries, you must have tried this dish. Thanks to this sauce, the chicken acquires a non-standard and unusual taste for us. Despite its exoticism, the dish is very tasty and if you have not tried it yet, then you should fix it.

  • Chow Mein

This is fried noodles with meat and vegetables. Meat and vegetables can be any, depending on your culinary preferences. In China, this dish is loved and eaten everywhere. Ideal to cook in a wok, but can be cooked in a deep frying pan with a thick bottom. It is cooked very quickly – 20 minutes.

  • Chinese rice with egg

Rice with an egg in Chinese is deceptively simple, but a huge favorite of oriental cuisine. The fried rice recipe uses an egg lightly seasoned with turmeric and paprika. These ingredients are a unique addition. This adds color to the dish, making it a vibrant yellow.

  • Peking Duck (北京烤鸭 běijīng kǎoyā)

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of tasting a dish that has actually become one of the main symbols of Chinese cuisine. Duck meat is considered one of the most useful and important in dietary nutrition. The peculiarity of this dish is that before cooking, the duck is pickled in a special sauce of honey, jam and various spices. Sweet and crispy crust is the main highlight of this dish. Before serving, the duck is cut into small pieces similar to plates.

Peking Duck

  • Sweet and sour Pork (糖醋里脊 tángcù lǐji)

Small pieces of meat are rolled in starch and fried in a wok, then a special sauce is added, the finished dish is sprinkled with sesame seeds. The dish is very pleasant: tender, sour and sweet are very successfully combined in it, and, most importantly, it is absolutely not spicy. By the way, in some places, pork is replaced with chicken, and it turns out pretty well.

Sweet and sour Pork


Unusual Chinese products and dishes for us

The Chinese eat absolutely everything. One of the strange dishes “Claws of the Phoenix” (泡椒 凤爪 – pàojiāo fèngzhǎo) sounds pathetic, doesn’t it? In fact, these are chicken paws with claws. Chicken legs marinated in different sauces are sold in stores.

Claws of the Phoenix

The Chinese often eat them with beer. In addition to chicken legs, they also eat duck necks, paws, heads, and lamb heads, cow stomachs, and there is even a dish of duck blood.

  • Soya Dairy Products

In the morning, the Chinese often drink soy milk, and various dishes are prepared from tofu (soy cheese). Mostly tofu (豆腐 – dòufu) is a harmless and sometimes tasty dish.


  • Canned Eggs (松花蛋, sōnghuādàn)

For its preparation, duck or chicken eggs are used. The shell is coated with a special composition of ash, lime, salt, soda, plant leaves and left in a special place where air does not enter, ripen for 1-3 months. After the eggs are thoroughly washed, peeled and aired.

Cons of Chinese cuisine directly follow from its own advantages. Spices – this is what can not only help, but also harm the body. Not every stomach can stand such a specific meal, and if you have gastritis or problems with the intestines, then it is better to refuse Chinese food. Spices actively affect the gastric mucosa, can cause allergies or indigestion.

In order not to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying Chinese cuisine and not harm your health, choose good restaurants. But Chinese fast food and take-away is best avoided. The peculiarity of the kitchen is to quickly cook and immediately eat immediately after serving, otherwise the food loses its taste, and its usefulness decreases.

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